Energy saving thermometer

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Energy saving thermometer


• Made in Germany

• To control the internal temperature

• With tips on how to save energy on the back

• High accuracy through 2-point adjustment

• Made of solid beech wood

• Large and easy to read

Energy saving measures in your own four walls protect the environment and reduce your electricity and heating costs. Because the best energy is the one that we don't even use. A room temperature that is one degree lower reduces energy consumption by an average of six percent.

The energy-saving thermometer helps you to achieve your personal savings goals with temperature recommendations and specific tips for correct heating and ventilation.

Care was also taken to conserve resources when it comes to the material and manufacture of the measuring device.

The perception of warmth is individually different and depends on the clothing and the activity of the person. That is why the comfort zones in relation to the temperature are set very differently for the individual rooms. While the temperature in the children's room, bathroom and living room is usually not below 20°C, it can be cooler in the kitchen, in the bedroom and in passageways such as the hallway or stairwell.

There is a lot of potential for saving energy in heating and ventilation behavior. And overheated rooms not only waste energy, they are also unhealthy.

Check each room individually with one of our indoor thermometers and keep the room temperature in the lower comfort range. After all, saving doesn't mean freezing. At night you can turn down the heating a bit and close the shutters - depending on the window insulation, you lose up to 20 percent less energy. If you draw the curtains, you still reduce the heat loss by up to ten percent.

In addition to the pure air temperature, the surface temperatures of the surrounding areas such as windows, walls and ceilings also play a role. The colder the wall surface, the higher the air temperature must be to create a comfortable living environment.

Also remember to bleed the radiators regularly and not to place furniture in front of them to avoid a drop in performance. Even forced ventilation saves energy, since the rooms do not cool down, in contrast to permanently tilted windows.

Use electronic heating thermostats that are as smart as possible. Turn this down when nobody is in the house. Insulate heating pipes and insulate roller shutter boxes.

Are windows and doors already sufficiently sealed? If not, put that on your to-do list as well. These are all recommendations that we warmly recommend.

Luckily, with the ENERGY-SAVING THERMOMETER 364730 you don't have to remember everything: All ten tips are listed on the back!

All materials used, such as the renewable beech wood, come from Germany.

Technical specifications

• Material: beech

• Mounting: To hang

• Dimensions: (L) 56 x (W) 19 x (H) 250 mm

• Weight: 114g
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Nom de l'article Energiesparthermometer
Materiaal Buchenholz
Application Kontrolle der Innentemperatur
Dimensions extérieures Longueur 250.00
Dimensions extérieures Largeur mm 56.00
Dimensions extérieures Hauteur mm 19.00

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