Book Basic Skills of the Watchmaker - second, updated edition (only available in German)

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Book Basic Skills of the Watchmaker - second, updated edition (only available in German)

Exclusive: The "Basic Skills of the Watchmaker - Metalworking Basics of the Watchmaking Profession" is one of the few current new publications for the watchmaking industry.

Already in the second, revised edition, August 2021. Only available in German!

Basically, specialist books have been reissued as reprints from past decades for years. This is certainly useful and helpful, but none of these books can take current developments into account. There have been no real new releases for years.

Now the renowned watchmaker Oliver Hambel (Uhrenpark Hessen) has used the time to write a new book for the industry, which we can offer you exclusively for the trade.

"Watchmakers should be able to make almost all parts of a watch from scratch. The necessary metalworking basics should be conveyed in my book," says the author. It is important to pack the work and skills in a contemporary, easily understandable format.

On more than 150 pages, Oliver Hambel conveys practical knowledge apart from all too theoretical treatises. The individual chapters are illustrated with plenty of pictures and optimally staged - this is how the theory turns into living instructions for the watchmaker and for everyone who wants to become one or is interested in watchmaking.

It is Hambel's way of conveying the basics and the work very closely to practice, which is what makes this book so exciting, instructive and understandable.

From the content:
• Materials science
• Hardening and tempering
• Measuring and gauging
• The filing
• Marking and center punching
• The drilling, reaming and countersinking
• The turning
• Maintenance & treatment of machines
• Wear of cutting tools
• The knurling
• The milling
• The grinding & polishing
• Joining - fastening options
• Forming / cutting
• Surface protection
• The treatment of sensitive components
• And much more

Content: 232 pages including many color photos

About the author: Oliver Hambel, born in 1995, runs a watchmaker's business in Hessenpark with his partner and specializes in the repair of clocks, old pocket watches and precision mechanical devices as well as the manufacture of all clock parts in-house. In addition, Oliver Hambel, in cooperation with the Hessian Watchmaking School, offers people interested in watches various seminars on all aspects of watchmaking.

• Comments from the "watchmaker network" (Facebook):
"[...] A very interesting book about watchmaking! The book describes watchmaking very well from today's perspective, it deals with the use of the individual tools and interesting work techniques. A really great book, which I can highly recommend!"

"The book manages to give a watchmaker with 35 years of professional experience new knowledge."

"I really have to add this to my collection of watchmaking books."

"Many, many color photos!"

Only available in German!
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