SELVA Bird voice clock

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  • Special feature: sweeping second

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SELVA Bird voice clock

Case Ø: 25cm
Quartz movement with sweeping second
Housing made of plastic with a wood look.
With colorful illustrations.
Automatic night time switch-off of the hourly tones from 9:01 p.m. to 6:59 a.m.

3 x Mignon batteries LR6 / AA are required, ordered directly: 331226

These birds wake, chirp, whistle, chirp, sing and whistle:

At 7 / 19h - the song thrush
At 8 / 20h - the greenfinch
At 9 / 21h - the oriole
At 10 o'clock - the great tit
At 11 o'clock - the nightingale
At 12 o'clock - the cuckoo
At 1 p.m. - the wren
At 2 p.m. - the robin
At 3 p.m. - the chaffinch
At 4 p.m. - the great spotted woodpecker
At 5 p.m. - the black thrush
At 6 p.m. - the blue tit

Each species of bird has its own distinctive calling and singing. The greenfinch, for example, chirps a "Jüpp" or "Djüpp" in rapid succession, which can turn into a warbling "Djüp-rüp-rüp", while the great tit repeats a "Zi-zi-Bä" -like thing several times.

With the bird's voice clock you can learn the songs of native or European bird species! Nature and ornithology for the home.

Exclusive to Selva.
Brand Selva
Article name Bird clock
Material Plastic
Color wood color
Form round
Application Quartz
Special feature sweeping second
Function A different bird sings every hour
Dimensions Ø mm 250.000

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356787 Bird clock Selva Quartz wood color 250.000 Plastic sweeping second 34,90 € *

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