WEICON Multispray W44T - the all-rounder among lubricating and multifunctional oils

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WEICON Multispray W44T - the all-rounder among lubricating and multifunctional oils

The WEICON Multifunctional Oil W44T deserves the rating "Recommended" for

• Ability to crawl

• Lubrication performance

• Protection against corrosion

• Water displacement

• Material protection


• SIMPLE APPLICATION: Multifunction spray head and 360 degree processable

• PROTECTS AND PRESERVES: Contains corrosion-resistant ingredients that protect metal surfaces from moisture and other corrosive elements.

• HIGH CAPILLARY EFFECT: Dissolves bonds between rust and metal. This means that stuck, rusted or rusty metal parts can be loosened again.

• LUBRICATES AND CLEANS: The lubricants contained in W 44 T® spread quickly and adhere firmly to all moving parts. Crawls under grease, grime, oil and loosens dirt.

• DISPLACES WATER: Thanks to its special formula, W 44 T® offers high water displacement. This makes it ideal for quickly protecting electrical components. This prevents short circuits caused by moisture quickly and easily.

• COMPATIBLE WITH MATERIALS: Due to the particularly pure, resin- and acid-free oil mixture, commercially available plastics and sealing materials are not attacked and copper and brass surfaces do not tarnish.

W 44 T® Multi-Spray – a multifunctional product with a special active ingredient formula

It has excellent creep properties and combines corrosion protection, water displacement, lubrication, preservation and cleaning in one product.

Diverse areas of application

It loosens seized screw connections, bolts, fittings and valves, penetrates and loosens rust. It displaces moisture from electrical contacts, prevents leakage currents and makes it easier to start wet engines. W 44 T® is also suitable as a cutting oil for drilling and cutting processes. The oil eliminates squeaking and creaking noises on hinges, guides, bearings and all types of joints and couplings. W 44 T® cleans dirty metal surfaces and leaves a long-lasting, wafer-thin film that does not smear or stick and does not attract dust. It protects and cares for all tools, machines as well as electrical and mechanical precision devices and keeps them functional.

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