SELVA Animal clock

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  • Particularité: Wild Animals

Produit.No. 361938

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SELVA Animal clock

Are we at the zoo or in Africa? Wild animals roar, trumpet, hiss, neigh, chirp!

Our cheerful wall clock makes the typical noises of 12 animals sound every hour on the hour. The original sounds sound real and authentic.

Case Ø: 25cm

Quartz movement with FLOATING SECONDS - so noiseless, so that the birds are not disturbed by tick-tack.

Housing made of plastic with a wood look.

With colorful illustrations.

Automatic night-time shutdown of the hourly tones from 9:01 p.m. to 6:59 a.m.

You need 3 x Mignon batteries LR6 / AA, ordered directly: 331226

These animals roar, hiss, croak, neigh ...:

At 7 / 19h - the billy goat

At 8 / 20h - the elephant

At 9 / 21h - the frog

At 10 o'clock - the hippopotamus

At 11 o'clock - the hummingbird

At 12 o'clock - the lion

At 1 p.m. - a monkey

At 2 p.m. - the parrot

At 3 p.m. - the queue

At 4 p.m. - the tiger

At 5 p.m. - the toucan

At 6 p.m. - the zebra

Also ideal for children: "When the lion roars, the meal is ready"!

Exclusive to Selva.
Marque Selva
Nom de l'article Tieruhr
Materiaal Kunststoff
Farbe braun
Forme rund
Application Quarz
Motiv Wild Animals
Fonction Tiergeräusche zu jeder vollen Stunde, schleichende Sekunde
Dimensions extérieures Ø mm 250.000

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361938 Wild Animals Tieruhr Selva Quarz braun 250.000 34,90 € *

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